Alistar Olbreck

Member of the Rapscallions


Alister is an older man, Ronan found him after he was fired from his job as an appraiser for a local trading company, for forging tax documents. Set up as the fall guy by his company, Alister distraught turned to the streets. He has worked for Ronan as a forger and fence. Preferring to stay out of the action Alister stays back and helps Ronan with direction and strategy for the gang. The gang finds his perspective, as and older man who lived most of his life on the right side of the law, helpful. If necessary, Alistar will use his short mace with a small amount of ability.

Alister often sets up a booth by the entrance/exit of the undercity. He offers appraisals, and also buys and sells from the delvers. He hopes to be able to open a larger shop in the future, but as of now doesn’t have the capital required.

Alistar Olbreck

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