Auric Taumen


Devastatingly handsome and a skilled fighter, Auric fights with a masterwork bluesteel greatsword he has named “Juliona” and wears magical studded leather armor. He is known for his blazingly fast, skirmishing fighting style and his brilliant prowess in circumstances that seem impossible to overcome.


Auric Taumen grew up in poverty in Greyhawk City, but distinguished himself by defeating, single-handedly, a small mob of ruffians that attacked a noble late one night in the North Market. Devastatingly handsome and a skilled fighter, he parlayed his fifteen minutes of fame and the influence of new benefactor into a successful gladiatorial career in the Free City Arena, where he has been a crowd favorite for years. At the Champions Games two years ago, he entered the competition with his warband and took first place. Last year, he repeated the feat – the first two-time winner in the Games’ nine-year history. During his speech to the crowd when the Champion’s Belt was given to his keeping for a second year, he ended his womanizing career (and broke hundreds of hearts) by announcing his engagement to the young noblewoman named ???, daughter of his benefactor.

Auric Taumen

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