The Dockmaster


The Dockmaster is a grotesquely obese man. Few have actually seen him since the Dockmaster never leaves the top of the tower.


The Dockmaster transfers paperwork and messages via a basket on a string outside one window. For anything requiring more, he has a small girl named Secki, age eight, who works for him, delivering messages and bringing him food. Only Secki is allowed up into the top of the tower — no one else is permitted. Many people worry that there is something unwholesome about the relationship between the Dockmaster and Secki.

The Dockmaster has the power to refuse any cargo coming or going and can turn away any craft or deny a ship permission to leave. He can even order the Watch to detain any crewmember or officer on board a ship docked in Ptolus for any reason. The Dockmaster is also in charge of the lighthouse on Beacon Island and the staff there (see description on the previous page).

The Dockmaster

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