Barbarian Balloonists

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Surely one of the strangest locales in Ptolus, Barbarian Balloonists is run by two halfling barbarians, Ernast Krundar and Fallix Hord, who take customers up in their hot-air balloon to hunt birds with bows. Most people point out that this is a poor way to hunt birds, but the two extremely enthusiastic and fun-loving halflings don’t care, and they make the trip worth the 75 gp price tag. They also take up people who want to use the balloon for sightseeing or just the experience, but they charge 100 gp for such a service, since it’s not nearly as much fun without the hunting.

The office consists of a small shack with a hand-painted, misspelled sign that says “Barbaran Balooonits” and an open yard for launching their single balloon. The basket holds up to five Medium creatures in addition to Ernast and Fallix. Where these two first got hold of a hot-air balloon, no one knows. The balloon itself is a colorful quilt of patchwork cloth that they are constantly repairing.

Seen frequently in the various bars on Tavern Row, Ernast and Fallix brag that one day they’re going to take their balloon up to the top of the Spire.

A few people have suggested that it would be smarter and safer for the Barbarian Balloonist halflings to launch the balloon in an open field far from the city. To this Ernast replies, “But dodgin’ all the towers n’ whatnot is what’s fun!” “Yeah,” Fallix adds, “there ain’t nothin’ to almost hit outside a’ town.”

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Barbarian Balloonists

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