Clasthamus Isle

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The Quiet (#126)

Thamus is an old, almost forgotten deity of protection and safety. Long ago, he bequeathed the Stones of Thamus to the world as tokens of his power. These stones fell into the possession of a human druid named Andach, who placed them on the far end of a bridge that connects a little island to the shore of a very small lake called the Lake of Sorrows within the Necropolis. He named the island Clasthamus, meaning “in the hands of Thamus” in Palastani.

The small island seems entirely out of place in its mournful surroundings. Andach and his apprentice, Hennam, have turned it into a verdant grove teeming with life. No real paths run through the island, which is thick with trees and shrubs, although it does have a bit of a clearing in the middle with two crude huts where the druids live. Over the years, Andach has awakened a mountain lion, rattlesnake, falcon, and squirrel, all of whom live on the island amid a surprising number of other creatures. The awakened animals help keep a vigil around the perimeter of the island; even though the undead and demons can’t come here, they can still send living Forsaken spies or assassins — although after all these years, almost none are brave enough to attempt it anymore. A treant close friend of Andach’s also lives on the island.


Clasthamus Isle

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