Finelle's Pleasant Diversions

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Finelle Aballes was a great lover of games of all kinds. A wealthy human widow, she created a place where people could play games in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Finelle’s Pleasant Diversions is a two-story building, nicely decorated and well kept, with large rooms full of gaming tables and a few small private game rooms. Although gambling does occur here, this is no gambling den, but rather a club of real game experts. For example, one frequent patron is Zalisartaram, one of the world’s best Dragonscales players. Other games include Ten Bobbers, Horseman (both are games with pieces moved on a grid board), Gempot, Seven Thrones, Sword and Helm, Riverside, and Kutch (a variety of games played with cards divided by suit and number). And there are more besides.

Finelle has passed on now, and the proprietor is her good friend, Merchael Finetooth. Membership to the club costs 10 gp per year and gives one free access to the building and the games within. Various tutors are available, usually for a small fee. Merchael also sells drinks and food here, but he is careful never to call it a tavern or restaurant.

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Finelle's Pleasant Diversions

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