Flavor of the Necropolis

Necropolis banner

A chill wind blows through the twisted branches of a shriveled tree. An avenue runs between rows of mausoleums, and gravestones dot the hill beyond. Shadows move out of the corner of your eye, and haunting melodies waft from some distant piper. This is a gloomy, somewhat unnerving area during the day but a terrifying place of real — not imagined — horrors at night.

Like any other section of town, the Necropolis has streets, avenues, and lanes, but they lead only from one gravesite to the next and from one crypt to another. Laws of the city forbid the construction of any buildings within the Necropolis other than crypts, tombs, or mausoleums. However, a few structures existed long before such laws: the Hall of the Valiant, for example, and, of course, the Dark Reliquary. Others, such as the Tower of Terephon, have been built in recent years in defiance of the law.


Flavor of the Necropolis

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