Green Dagger Gang

Gang of children from the Docks, cut-purses and beggars, that used a run-down, two-story merchant house as a hideout. Most were once members of Rollo’s Urchins until the group split up when Rollo was arrested. The remaining Urchins formed a second gang in the docks, the Red Scarves. The Green Dagger gang was eventually wiped out by the Red Scarves after they had come down with blinding sickness and were unable to defend themselves.

The gang consisted of the following members:

  • Cyrathas (Rogue1/Sorcerer2)
  • Dilli (Fighter3)
  • Maxim (Rogue2)
  • Dalta Gwyn (Rogue1/Fighter1)
  • Tisa Tyran (Rogue1)
  • Risa Tyran (Rogue1)
  • Daylin (Rogue1)
  • 6 Junior Members (Exp1)

Green dagger gang hideout

Green Dagger Gang

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