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In many ways, the Necropolis is the least typical district in Ptolus. In fact, it’s strange to even call it a “district.” It has no shops and no homes (with a few strange exceptions). It’s really just the city’s cemetery. But, as with so many things in Ptolus, there’s much more to it than that.

The Necropolis is the Ptolus’ burial spot and home to some of the city’s most frightening denizens: the Forsaken and the Fallen. It’s full of undead, and everyone knows it. That’s why there’s a wall around it patrolled by guards.

Although common sense seems to say, “Quit burying your dead in the Necropolis,” the real truth is that it wouldn’t matter. There’s literally thousands buried there now, and most of them (people assume) have not become undead. It’s also believed that those properly buried by the “right” religion (i.e., the speaker’s own) won’t rise again. It’s somebody elses problem.

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