Running the Rivergate District

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It’s possible to run an entire Ptolus Campaign without the player characters ever having cause to come to Rivergate, particularly those in Dungeon-focused groups. The Rivergate District resembles other cities in the Empire more than the other Ptolus districts in that it has few adventurer-related services or activities and remains mostly human. That is not to say it is an uninteresting place without the possibility of adventure. It just means that an adventure in the Rivergate District is the exception, not the rule.

Describe Rivergate as the sleepy little residential district that it is. Women hang wash on the line. Children play a game with a ball. Men sweep their stoops. People gather around the neighborhood well to gossip. Virtually no one carries a weapon or wears armor here except the City Watch. The player characters should feel like outsiders in Rivergate. This kind of staid lifestyle has little common ground with an adventurer’s ways.

If trouble breaks out in the street, bystanders scream and run off. People are more likely to peek through their curtains than run out to help.

Rivergate District

Running the Rivergate District

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