The Rapscallions

The Rapscallions are a gang of thieves and thugs based some where in Rivergate. They are a very new gang to the city of Ptolus, as such they currently operate below the concerns of the law/ large crime syndicates. They are involved in several small time operations, such as burglaries, pickpocketing, forgery and smuggling.

The gang is being lead by the halfling Ronam Tumblefoot. Ronan is calm and calculating, even when in stressful situations. He is more of a Tactician than a fighter, Ronan prefers to asses the situation from the shadows, before acting. Ronam is a master pickpocket, and is respected by the gang for his knowledge and talent. Cool headed and relaxed, Ronam is the perfect leader for the small time gang, but some say he doesn’t have the drive and passion to truly lead the gang to further heights. It is said the Ronam has made friends with Wiham and Lufton, the adventurers who made headlines for the capture of the Dark Elf “Shilukar” who was terrorizing the city, as well as being members of the Champion Games winning team “Kalejulah”.

At the behest of Ronam, Vundish, Dolan and Roth are scouting for a warehouse in the city proper in order for some kind of smuggling operation. Ronam didn’t include many details, but apparently he somehow plans to ship to, and receive from the underdark.

Though the gang is not actively recruiting, they accept new members that have skills, or show promise. The gang also runs a few legitimate front businesses. Lyanna, Dillion and Raska operate The Consortium of Sleuths which is a detective agency run from Rivergate. Alister often sets up a booth by the entrance/exit of the undercity. He offers appraisals, and also buys and sells from the delvers. He hopes to be able to open a larger shop in the future, but as of now doesn’t have the capital required. Sebastian markets himself as a fight instructor for rich children. He teaches the “Dance of Blades,” and charges a hefty sum. His real intent is to make it into wealthy families houses to scout for Dillion, or another of the gangs thieves. Regretfully he has yet to make a name for himself amongst the nobility.

The Rapscallions

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