Ptolus, City By The Spire

Final Battle of Champion Games

-After killing the Purple Worm, we head back to our rooms, then head to kitchen to get something to eat.
-We pass Raknanin he questions us suspiciously
-Party eats(except for elf). It’s poison! Kale and elf still up, but both feel a stab in the back. Kale goes out, while the elf blasts and invisible creature to wall with his web spell.
-Elf goes invisible and grabs the ledgers proving Raknanin’s guilt and flees just as Raknanin and his guards rush into the room. Elf makes narrow escape. The rest of the group are bound and transported towards the Castle
-Elf following the party runs out of invis, and must hide by more conventional means.
-Kale starts to awaken, and in a fit of rage bursts his bonds and draws his greatsword. Elf hears the fracas, and immedialty flies towards the sound of battle.
-Kale guts a guard before being subdued by Raknanin, his guards and Orkal
-Elf seems Kale is subdued and hides before being seen.
-Raknanin takes party to room where purple worm was defeated, tells of his plan to frame and murder the group by flooding us in the chamber and saying we were trying to sabatoge the games
-Party is bound, and chamber is starting to fill with water. Elf comes in after guards leave, and frees party before they could drown.
-Party secures area, and rests planning to suprise Raknanin by showing up for the final battle of the champion games.
-Games beginning, Party makes dramatic last second entrance before being disqualified. Now they have to fight Auric’s warband. Auric – warrior, kellick – Wizard , 4 flesh golems
-Wilham disappears, Both Kale and Loix Enlarge, Lufton makes sure we are all moving as fast as possible, and in high spirits and then makes mulitples of himself. Elf blurs all, and flies. Cherve flies and summons 2 bears
-Mage disappears, while the golems charge, 2 with dimension door. Auric takes his time before flying down the arena
-Fighters and bears make short work of 2 of the Golems while Lufton entagles the other one with a whip.
-Elf blasts what he thinks is the wizard but ends up being some sort of image
-Wilham invisible surveys battle looking for a good time to strike. Missing his dagger from earlier being poisoned he hears it yell out to him.
-Orkal angry that the party escaped the trap they set goes invisible and attacks elf from behind
-Elf escapes to Cherve but he is caught in Black tentecles from Kelleck and can’t heal the elf
-Cherves’ bears smell and attack the invisible assassin Orkal
-Auric and Kale finally meet up. Kale hits very hard, but Auric can’t seem to get past the blur to hit back.
-Loix and Lufton are controlling 2 remaining Golems, invisible wilham moves towards bears and Orkal Kelleck is still unseen, but does send out fireballs and lightning bolts.
-Assassin hits Elf again dropping him dead.
-Kale is handily destroying Auric, but suddenly he turns on the cleric and attacks his own party
-Cleric revivifys the elf to bring him to just unconscious.
-Wilham finds the invis assassin, and hits him with a poisoned dagger knocking him out. Wilham then finds his dagger “organ ripper” and finishes the still invisible assassin
-Kale slaughters Cherves bears, and breaks the cleric’s jaw. But then comes to his senses
-Cherve heals himself and the elf, then dispels magic on Kale
-Loix finishes off another Golem while Lufton continues to keep the forth tied up and unable to fight. Lufton also calls an Air elemental to chase the Wizard Kellick
-Wilham goes invis again and searches the assassin orkal’s corpse
-Kale presses the attack on Auric again and destroys him with a massively powerful attack.
-The invisible Kelleck flees and attacks from invisible
-Cherve summons hippogrifs to track mage in the air.
-Party finds and surrounds Kelleck and He surrenders
- Organizers are very confused by the addition of Orkal to the battle, Raknanin flees first to his castle then away.
-Kalelijuah hailed as winners of Champions Games



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