Delver's Guild Library and Maproom


Smaller than the City Library, the more exclusive Delver’s Guild Library and Maproom occupies a converted tower once owned by a brother and sister duo of half-elf wizards. The cramped rooms are full of books. Most volumes in this library are bound collections of handwritten notes penned by adventurers while exploring and later purchased by the guild.

The library is open only to Delver’s Guild members of at least Guildsman rank. Reading and studying is free, but those wishing to copy a map or notes from a book must pay an additional 5 gp per page. (However, for that fee, a librarian will assist in the copying.)

The head librarian is Shad Livbovic, who fills the role of the bookish, thin, bespectacled, and absent-minded book- worm quite nicely. What doesn’t fit the stereotype is Shad’s adoptive daughter, Benris. At fifteen years old, she is already over six feet tall. Scuttlebutt says that delvers found the infant Benris in the Dungeon and gave her to Shad and his wife (who has since passed on).

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Delver's Guild Library and Maproom

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