Dweller on the Horizon
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Disk bearing a curved line with an upturned crescent above
Home Plane: None (Fharlanghn is always traveling, usually disguised as a native of the plane he is on)
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Travel, horizons, distance, roads
Worshippers: Travelers, adventurers, the lost, merchants, bards
Aliases: Baervan Wildwanderer (Gnome), Tootega (Darfellan)
Cleric Alignments: TN, CN, LN, NG, NE
Domains: Celerity, Luck, Protection, Travel, Weather
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Fharlanghn, the deity of roads, appears as an elderly, weatherbeaten man with deeply wrinkled skin and sparkling eyes. He wears nondescript clothing, usually of leather and unbleached linen. His garments are always travel-stained. He roams the roads and paths of the plane, greeting fellow travelers politely. Fharlanghn is always glad to converse, but not at any great length.

Fharlanghn’s followers are travelers and explorers, seeking to travel to new places. Many traveling merchants and pilgrims pay their respects to the Dweller on the Horizon, hoping that he will watch over their journey and guide them safely to their destination. Lost travelers are known to have prayed to Fharlanghn for aid when they became desperate, and there has been more than one tale of a mysterious, kindly old man answering the prayer and taking them where they need to go.

Clerics of Fharlanghn pray for their spells at dawn, just before a day’s travel. Fharlanghn’s followers are known to meet once per year at events called Recollections, where various travelers discuss the places they have been and the people they have met over the last year. These events last for two to three days, and usually take place on the first day of the year. The Recollections tend to occur at wayside shrines to Fharlanghn, and travelers typically learn when and where to meet through general word of mouth.

Clergy and Temples
Clerics of Fharlanghn travel the world, always seeking out new things. They favor simple clothing of brown or faded green. They bless caravans (and sometimes guide them), explore new territories, scout for armies and settlers, and record long travelogues describing journeys beyond the horizon. They also serve as translators and diplomats. Many serve as surveyors or engineers and help build roads, bridges, and ports. Still others are involved in the manufacture of traveling gear, everything from shoes to sailing ships. No matter what their activities, Fharlanghn’s clerics move around frequently, and a character who visits a shrine or temple more than once is likely to meet a different group of clerics there each time.

Fharlanghn’s wayside shrines are common on well-used roads. His temples usually double as rest stops for travelers in need of shelter or protection.

People must roam the world and experience all there is to experience. The state of world is not fixed, and you never know when you might need a new perspective or even a new home. Look to the horizon for inspiration.


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