Hammersong Vaults

Hammersong Vaults, owned by Ollam Hammersong, occupies a small, windowless, all-brick building. Ollam has built various lockboxes and vaults in and below this structure and rents space in them for people to store their valuables.

Each vault is made of three-inch-thick iron plates and is double-locked. Vaults come in three sizes:

  • Small (two feet square, 10 gp per month)
  • Medium (four feet square, 18 gp per month)
  • Large (10 feet square, 30 gp per month)

Each lockbox is made of iron a half-inch thick. They are all chained to a wall and locked. The lockboxes themselves are kept in a vaultlike room with a three-inch-thick locked iron door. All lockboxes measure twelve inches by eight inches by four inches. Rent for them is 2 gp per month.

Renters get a key to their vault or lockbox, but not a key into the building; the iron door into Hammersong Vaults has a triple lock. A guard allows renters (or potential renters) into the building after they show proper identification. They disallow admittance to people they consider suspicious looking.

Ollam employs ten guards, any five of which are on duty at any given time. Ollam himself is usually here; if he is not, his wife Karsha is present instead.

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Hammersong Vaults

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