Linech Cran's Burrow

West Wash Street, Northern Annex 1 (aka Linech’s Burrow)

Neighbors call this cul-de-sac Linech’s Burrow, as it was previously owned by a small-time criminal known as Linech Cran. He was rumored to be a drug dealer with direct ties to the Balacazar Crime Family, though no one speaks openly of it. Everyone that lived in the burrow worked for Linech one way or another. After Linech’s death, the burrow was abandoned.

Delinquent taxes allowed the city to seize the burrow and it was quickly put on the market. Mysterious deaths around the burrow spread rumors of vampires, keeping most potential buyers away. Eventually the property sold, purchased by Mr. Wilham and Mr. Lufton Swift.

>Linechs burrow

Linech Cran's Burrow

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