Magical Healthcare

Cure Minor Wounds | 5gps
Cure Light Wounds | 10gps
Cure Moderate Wounds | 60gps
Cure Serious Wounds | 150gps
Cure Critical Wounds | 280gps
Heal | 660gps
Remove Blindness/Deafness | 150gps
Remove Disease | 150gps
Lesser Restoration | 60gps
Restoration | 280gps
Greater Restoration | 3410gps
Regenerate | 910gps
Resurrection | 10910gps
Delay Poison | 60gps
Purify Food and Drink | 5gps
Remove Poison | 280gps
True Resurrection | 26530gps
Raise Dead | 5450gps
Break Enchantment | 450gps
Remove Curse | 150gps

NPC Spell Casting

10 gp per spell level X caster level (5gp x caster level for 0-level)

  • expensive mats addition cost.
  • 5gp additional per xp expended.

See Cityscape (p62-63) for sample healers.

Magical Healthcare

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