People of the Docks

Dock banner

More than elsewhere in the city, the population of the Docks is transitory. Sailors come and go. Ships bring passengers (or stowaways) that hang about the Docks for a time, but they rarely stay for long. Obviously, many of the people the PCs will encounter in the district are sailors or fishermen. But other professions are just as important here: shipwrights, sailmakers, netmakers, pitchmakers, ropemakers, and dockworkers, just to name a few. Powerful merchants typically have representatives working full time at the Docks monitoring various imports and exports and the handling of cargo.

In general, the people of the Docks are a rough bunch. They work hard, and they play hard. The Docks has more than its share of taverns, not to mention brothels and gambling dens. Because the movement of goods into and out of the city is so important, however, the Watchhouse here is well staffed, and the streets well patrolled. The guards choose to quietly ignore some of the illegal establishments because they help keep the peace.

The Docks

People of the Docks

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