The Ghostly Minstrel

An inn, a pub, and a restaurant all in one, the Ghostly Minstrel is the adventurer’s meeting place of choice. It has earned a reputation as the central feature of Delver’s Square and the focal point in the world of the delvers who plumb the depths below the city.

On its second and third floors, the inn has a total of thirty guest rooms. A night’s stay at the Ghostly Minstrel costs either 5 sp, 7 sp, 1 gp, or 2 gp, depending on the room’s size and location. Keeping a horse overnight in the stables behind the inn costs an additional 5 sp.

Minstrel Menu

Vard Hillman, the owner of the Ghostly Minstrel, keeps a low profile. Although he is there most days, he spends his time in the kitchen or in his makeshift office in the third floor storeroom. The “faces” of the Ghostly Minstrel are Tellith Herdsman, a pretty young woman with reddish-brown hair who works the front desk, managing the inn portion of the establishment, and Zade Kenevan, a bald, skinny, and gruff bartender who remembers virtually everyone who comes in.

Regulars include such luminaries as Sheva Callister, Daersidian Ringsire, Jevicca Nor, Rastor, Steron Vsool, Urlenius the Star of Navashtrom, Araki Chipestiro, Mand Scheben, and the Runewardens.

In recent weeks, about every other night the taproom has a minstrel named Tarin Ursalatao performing and entertaining customers. Tarin is an amazing draw, particularly to the female clientele—he has a magnetic sort of charm in addition to his fabulous good looks. The truth of Tarin is that he was once an elf, but was slain and then reincarnated as a human. Even as an elf, Tarin was astonishingly charismatic, but now his rugged human good looks mixed with his elvish charm have created a winning combination.

The ghostly minstrel


The Ghostly Minstrel

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