The Griffon

Another mainstay of Tavern Row, the Griffon is both a tavern and an inn. One can identify this two-story building easily by the large mural of a rearing griffon painted on one wall. The tavern, its kitchen, and a pantry comprise the entire lower floor of the Griffon, while the upper floor has ten rooms to let. The tavern offers food, mainly just whatever is cooking over the fire that night (occasionally a roasting pig or a flank of beef, but usually a big pot of lamb or beef stew) as well as a few other dishes: a plate of bread, cheese and a little fruit, a plate of fried potatoes and onions in gravy, or a cooked meat pie.

The Griffon, which caters to the common folk, enjoys a reputation as a friendly, safe place to drink or eat. It avoids the sinister associations of such places as the Onyx Spider and the adventurous nature of establishments like the Ghostly Minstrel. Nella Schaun is the manager of the Griffon, but it’s actually owned by a group of silent investment partners. The tavern is full to bursting every night, with most rooms filled as well, so the place earns a good amount of coin.

The griffon


The Griffon

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