The Lucky Monkey

Located at the corner of Lower God Row and Center Street, at the heart of Midtown and the city itself, sits The Lucky Monkey Tavern and Inn.

The building is old and well used – the chimneys stained with soot, the roof sagging, the wood siding weathered and stained from many years of moist air and rainfall. The facade of the building sports numerous carved wooden monkeys, many of which are engaged in risky, death-defying stunts. A sizable stable is attached to the side of the Lucky Monkey.

Stable – The stable can house up to twenty-four horses with ease.

Courtyard – In the center of The Lucky Monkey is a well kept courtyard. Trees and flowerbeds accent the area, and a well-worn path winds past a pair of granite fountains. The Eastern fountain consists of intricate carvings of monkeys taunting all manner of strange monsters. On the western side of the courtyard, the larger of the two fountains contains a statue. Rising some nine feet tall, is the life-like statue is a cloaked elderly man. His skin is wrinkled and weathered, and he is shielding his eyes from the sun as he looks off to the east. The statue is not named, but most people know it to represent the deity Fharlanghn and simply call it the Traveller. People often come to The Traveler to touch his stony cloak before undertaking a long journey. The courtyard as a whole is dedicated as a shrine to Fharlanghn and is tended by the staff of the Lucky Monkey.



The Lucky Monkey

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