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The Warrens is a terrible hive of poverty and crime in Ptolus. Rumors say that even the city guards don’t go down into the Warrens. The streets here have no names, and most of the buildings aren’t marked—it’s not friendly to outsiders. Some think the headquarters of the Vai lies within the Warrens.


The smallest district in Ptolus, the Warrens lies just south of the Necropolis and the Docks. Ramshackle houses are crammed together flush against the Cliffs of Lost Wishes to the East.

The neighborhood is a maze of ramshackle wood and stone buildings with crudely constructed additions made of poor qualit wood. Many tenements were once intended for another purpose and windows are frequently boarded up, if they exist at all.

The streets are the narrowest in the city, some only five or six feet across. What’s more, rough built additions stretch across roadways from one building to another. Thus, many streets of single-story buildings now have second stories stretching over the street and turn many streets into dangerous tunnels that frequently collapse.

The Warrens stink of human waste, filth, and open cook-fires. The sewers beneath the district have long since become plugges and frequently overflow. This makes the district a breeding ground for disease. Fires are also frequent and often rage unchecked as both the City Watch and fire brigades refuse to enter.


The Warrens were once the most northern part of the Guildsman District, overlooking the rough Docks. As the Necropolis grew in size and dire presence, the neighborhood became much less desirable and many homes were abandoned. Much of the city’s impoverished and undesirables moved in as squatters.

The Commisar’s Men attempted to clear out the neighborhood in its early days (around 620 IA), but that only allowed landlords to move in and legally take possession of large sections of the district, now charging rent to the same impoverished people who were previously squatting. Nowadays, the landlords have been taken over by organized crime and the vast majority of residents in the Warrens are once again squatters.


During the day, the streets are crowded with people of all races and genders. A high percentage of the Warrens’ inhabitants are unemployed and many others are beggars. Still more are thieves, muggers, or other criminals. Those redsidents with honest jobs usually work elsewhere and such work is rarely steady. A few people manage to run businesses selling food and other necessities, but they are the exception.


The people here are often cold, sick, bitter, and wary of strangers. Most harbor a real cotempt for city leaders and their representatives.

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