Longfingers Guild


The Longfingers Guild once commanded a great deal of respect in Ptolus — at least among the local underworld — as the city’s thieves’ guild. Today, however, most skilled thieves find it far more lucrative to work for the Balacazars or the Killraven Crime League. The idea of a thieves’ guild, according to such naysayers, is outmoded and obsolete, and the Longfingers Guild places too many restrictions on what a thief can and cannot do in the city. The guild is more interest- ed in politics than profit, say its detractors among the criminal element.

It is true that the Longfingers Guild teaches the old-fashioned philosophy of honor among thieves. This ideal is upheld by aging Guildmaster Thief Hayman Knapp. An “old-fashioned” thief, Hayman looks back fondly on days when thieves were not organized into gangs that feuded and worked for depraved individuals, but instead belonged to a guild that trained them in the art of thievery. Of course, even Hayman isn’t old enough to remember the days before organized crime, but he heard the stories when he was a boy, and they stuck with him — stories of thieves with honor who policed their own. Fewer and fewer thieves these days seem interested in conforming to Hayman’s ideals, however, and that is hurting the guild.

The role that the guild plays now is that of a school for young and upcoming thieves. Most of the skilled burglars, pickpockets, muggers, and cutpurses in the city were members of the guild when they were younger, even if they no longer belong to it.

Longfingers Guild

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