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Welcome to the City of Ptolus!

Well over three hundred fifty years old, Ptolus is a city of seventy-five thousand people, the largest urban area in the northwestern Tarsisan Empire. While neither the largest nor—from most people’s point of view— the most important city in the world, it is perhaps the most interesting one.

Districts of the City

  • The Docks Far below the level of the city streets, the Docks rest at the bottom of the Cliffs of Lost Wishes on a narrow, sandy strip of land. A dozen ships moor in the deep waters here at any given time — sometimes far more than that. This is a particularly rough area of the city, thanks to the influx of sailors and the district’s remoteness from the rest of Ptolus.
  • Guildsman District This is where much of the city’s commerce takes place. Most local guilds have their headquarters here in the Guildsman District. In this chapter you will find descriptions of the city’s largest breweries, tanneries, the Foundry, and the Stockyards.
  • Midtown If Ptolus has a heart (though most would say that it doesn’t), it is Midtown. This is the crossroads of Ptolus, where common folks rub shoulders with the not-so-common, where everyone goes in order to get anywhere else, and where all newcomers to the city inevitably end up first. Midtown is the most cosmopolitan area of what is almost certainly the most cosmopolitan city in the world.
  • Necropolis In many ways, the Necropolis is the least typical district in Ptolus. In fact, it’s strange to even call it a “district.” It has no shops and no homes (with a few strange exceptions). It’s really just the city’s cemetery. But, as with so many things in Ptolus, there’s much more to it than that.
  • Nobles’ Quarter The wealthy of the city live atop the highest cliffs in Ptolus. Aside from the traditional noble estates, don’t miss the very strange Castle Shard and the Holy Palace.
  • North Market One of two markets in Ptolus, the North Market is known for its open-air stalls more than its workshops.
  • Oldtown As the name implies, this is the oldest part of the city. Today Oldtown serves as the center for all local administrative needs. You’ll find the fortress of Dalenguard here, as well as the Administration Building, the Imperial University, and the City Library.
  • Rivergate District Although primarily a residential district, the Rivergate section of Ptolus described in this chapter still offers many interesting locales to visit.
  • South Market The South Market offers more shops than open markets, as well as a number of commodities markets and workshops. But there’s more in this district than just shops.
  • Temple District Teeming with churches, shrines, and the headquarters of various religious orders, the Temple District is a strange hodgepodge of good and evil.
  • Warrens The smallest district in Ptolus is also the worst. The Warrens holds the city’s slums, a place as lawless and dangerous as one might fear. Although you’ll find no addresses or street names here, you might stumble upon the home of Jirraith, a crime lord with no appearance, and the headquarters of the Eight Shadows.



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