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As the central area of the city, Midtown is both a commercial and a residential hub. It is also where one finds many local entertainment offerings, in the form of pubs and taverns as well as theaters, dance halls, gambling dens, and more. Visitors looking for a place to stay usually find themselves directed here, as most of the city’s temporary lodgings are in Midtown.

Midtown is home to both Tavern Row and Delver’s Square, where many employers seeking to hire adventuring parties can post their announcements. It also has a few shops and plenty of residential areas, such as Emerald Hill, where most elves choose to live, and Narred, a centaur neighborhood.

Besides the Delver’s Square shops that adventurers frequent (Rastor’s Weapons, the Bull and Bear Armory, Ebbert’s Outfitters, and Myraeth’s Oddities), those in the know also appreciate Saches clothiers on Yeoman Street and, of course, the Row Bathhouse. Potions and Elixirs’ Midtown branch offers a large stock of potions for sale.

The most popular adventurer hangout is the Ghostly Minstrel tavern and inn in Delver’s Square. Many folks seem leery of both the Onyx Spider (on Tavern Row) and the Black Swan(which is mainly for dwarves). Danbury’s, also in Delver’s Square, caters to spellcasters.

The largest district in the city, Midtown is bounded by the King’s River on the north. But where the river dips south (at Carver Lane), the border veers north to Golden Elm Way to run along the Necropolis wall. Farther east, Midtown continues right up to the Cliffs of Lost Wishes and the Warrens, and to the south the district ends at Iron Street. The boundary between Midtown and the South Market is rather vague—it amounts to a diagonal line drawn between the north end of Carriage Row and the ramp up to Oldtown. The western border then runs north up along Dalen’s Cliffs.

Midtown is actually twice as big as any other district of Ptolus. Frequent motions have come before the City Council to subdivide it into two separate districts. Holding up the motion’s passage, however, is the furious debate among merchants, business owners, and city administrators as to exactly where the new border should go. If the parties ever manage to settle this issue, this division likely will happen.

Perhaps most significantly, Midtown is where the delvers and adventurers live, congregate, make their plans, and return with their treasures.

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Delver’s Square, Emerald Hill, Fairbriar, Katterwood, Longbottom, The Mane, Narred

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