People of the Rivergate District

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More than in other parts of the city, the people of the Rivergate District keep to themselves. They’re less likely to get involved in a situation they encounter than to scurry home or wherever they were heading—handling trouble is someone else’s responsibility. Blatant displays of magic might not frighten them, but they do make them nervous. A Rivergate inhabitant would rather have a nice evening at home with family and friends than go off on a dangerous adventure. Folk in the district are usually devout in their religious faith and very focused on doing their jobs and raising their children. While you can find a few corner pubs here and there, a Rivergate resident is more likely to enjoy a lively dance at a burrow party with neighbors (such events are common) than a night of carousing.

The Rivergate District is more predominantly human than the rest of Ptolus.

Rivergate District

People of the Rivergate District

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