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The South Market is one of two market districts in this highly commercial city. It is also the newest of Ptolus’ districts. It stretches from Dalen’s Cliffs in the west to Carriage Row in the east. Its southern boundary is the city wall, and its northern one is a rough line drawn from the north end of Carriage Row to the point where the Emperor’s Road ascends the earthen ramp up to Oldtown. The northern border separating the South Market from Midtown has been an imprecise distinction since the district came into being.

No one will argue that the heart of the district lies in a large open square called Star Crossing Plaza, where three major streets intersect. A number of important offices, as well as some
of the district’s premier shops, are located at Star Crossing.

The South Market contains many shops and small marketplaces for people to purchase goods, but it also has a number of commodities markets. Commodities markets are always devoted to one type of good, such as cloth, spices, grain, and so on. While anyone can shop at these markets, they are intended for merchants, exporters, or vendors buying in bulk. Ptolus’ only major commodities market not located in the South Market is the Stockyards in the Guildsman District.
The commercial connection between the Guildsman District and the South Market is clear. Many South Market workshops are controlled by the guilds of the Guildsman District.

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