The City Watch

The City Watch has one primary goal: to keep the peace. To this end, the Watch patrols each district (except the Warrens, although they deny that fact) and maintains guards on duty to answer when called by shouts or warning bells. The Watch has absolute authority in the city, and the right to arrest and detain anyone for any reason. The Commissar empowers them to use force—even deadly force—on anyone who resists. Guards do not need proof to apprehend a wrongdoer, but they’re usually careful not to arrest the wrong person—after all, their mistaken quarry might be someone of influence or might have ties to some- one of influence. (If the person is poor with no important connections, the guards make no bones about treating that person as they like.

City watchmen

The City Watch spends much of its time breaking up fights, although often they arrive after the fight is over. Residents can summon the guards to deal with threats like a dire rat or other monster that comes up from the Dungeon. They attempt to apprehend criminals, trying to catch them in the act whenever possible. Otherwise, the Watch serves as more of a deterrent than anything else. Investigating crimes rarely makes it to the City Watch’s list of duties; once a crime is over and the perpetrator gone, the guards generally file a report and forget about it.
Only when a criminal begins repeating his offense does the Watch take investigative action to prevent future crime.

Guards in the Watch know the city streets and layout very well. A patrol checks the locks of sewer grates, doors on the city wall towers, and businesses known to be closed for the night. They poke around areas where trouble might brew, such as abandoned warehouses or back alleyways. They know most of the good hiding places in Ptolus. The City Watch is familiar with the ins and outs of criminal groups and activities. They know where the offenders hide, where they like to strike, and even what most of them look like on sight. They are perfectly within their rights to haul in a known criminal, even if the individual isn’t doing anything wrong at the moment.

Keeping order and peace sometimes involves fighting fires. Each Watch garrison has equipment to help the Fire Brigade to fight fires.

An elite group of Watchmen called The Commissar’s Men are stationed in Dalenguard.


Each of the nine districts with a City Watch presence has a watchouse, typically a tall building or tower that serves as a temporary jail and barracks for the guards on duty. Watchhouses

Uniforms City Watchmen City Watchmen

The uniforms of the City Watch consist of blue tunics worn over chainmail armor, with thick blue wrappings tied around their helmets. The guards carry shields bearing the device of Ptolus: a gold- en hawk on a blue field. They carry either master- work battleaxes or spears, as well as longswords and light crossbows. Usually one or two guards on duty at a Watchhouse (see next page) carry dragon rifles rather than crossbows.

Constables wear similar uniforms, but with the addition of a yellow sash. They also wear breastplates rather than chain armor and carry dragon pistols rather than crossbows.

A captain of the guard wears full plate armor and a special shield insignia as well as the yellow sash of a constable.

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