Three-Horned Goat

Rivergate banner

Tonic Street (#81)

Above the door of a nondescript house in the middle of the block hangs a sign of a goat’s head with three horns. Dulson Farber, the man who lives there, doesn’t call his house “The Three-Horned Goat,” but tells people looking for him to “go to the sign with the three-horned goat.”

Dulson works out of his home as a sage, and he’s perhaps one of the best known sages in the city. His knowledge covers primarily history, especially Ptolus history, but he remains well versed in magic lore and various religions, as well. Dulson lives here with his wife, Rose, and their three children. The house is stuffed with books. The friendly and jovial Dulson doesn’t parade his sizable intellect or education unless it’s actually appropriate. He’s of average height and thin, with a mustache, spectacles, and reddish hair. He is a member in good standing of the Sages’ Guild.

Rivergate District

Three-Horned Goat

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